Rent the Runway 'Unlimited' a Game Changer

“It’s life changing,” my friend Chandler told me. She’d been using it and was hooked.

So I took the plunge, paying $139 a month to rent three pieces at a time, which can be kept as long as I want or returned as quickly as I can zip up the garment bag and give it back to my apartment concierge. The program officially opens to the public today, and includes everything from the signature gowns to leather jackets, sweaters and sunglasses. And, as a friend trying to pay it forward, let me tell you: It’s a game-changer... (USA Today)

Rent the Runway Raises $24.4 Million

“The business is continuing to expand very quickly,” Rent the Runway co-founder and CEO Jennifer Hyman told WWD, where the news was first reported, indicating that the company would invest the new funding “in people, marketing and scaling our operation to make sure we are delivering incredible customer experiences.”

“Over the next year, we have plans to expand our showrooms,” she added, referring to real-world retail locations where consumers can try on outfits and get advice from Rent the Runway style advisors..